Low current brouchers

We offers face recognition and hybrid verification technique smart lock products


  • We offers face recognition and hybrid verification technique smart lock products, basing on independent intellectual property rights to construct smart living product ecosystem.

    Emphasizing on multi-modal biometric verification and multi-modal hybrid biometric verification techniques, and focusing on “passenger entrance”, “vehicle entrance” and “freight inspection”, mixed application management and so on, offers access control, time & attendance, car parking, channel entrance, elevator control, visitor management, consuming, security inspection
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    Monitoring is the greatest priority CCTV Systems are surveillance solution for premises and fixed installations where 24-hour monitoring is the greatest priority. CCTV Camera System acts as an instant deterrent to potential intruders. Atlanta Network offers the most up to date equipment, advice, design and installation of your CCTV systems. Whether it’s a single or multiple camera installation, we offer standard CCTV Code of Practice and our systems have been installed on private premises, listed buildings, hotels, film studios, corporate headquarters and educational facilities such as Universities and Colleges.

    An solar cameras module is a low-cost device based on ESP32-S module, an solar camera image sensor and Micro SD slot. Its also base on and fixed. The module is designed for low energy consumption, however, after some tweaks, the power consumption can be lowered to a level that is usable for short periods of time, powered by solar energy. The project presented here is a reasonably robust, dust-resistant and waterproof experimentation platform, using commercial off-the-shelf components. Ideal for outdoor usage.
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  • IP telephony (Internet Protocol telephony) is a general term for technologies, products and services that use the Internet Protocol's packet-switched connections to support voice calling, voicemail, video calling, video conferencing, faxing and instant messaging (IM).

    IP telephony (Internet Protocol Telephony) refers to any phone system that uses an internet connection to send and receive voice data. Unlike a regular telephone that uses landlines to transmit analog signals, IP phones connect to the internet via a router and modem.

    At CBC we have a range of IP and Analog telephones which includes the following:
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Public Address

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  • A public address system (or PA system) is an electronic system comprising microphones, amplifiers, loudspeakers, and related equipment. We can divide the PA system into three large types: personal PA, medium PA and full-size PA.

    To meet the requirements of our ever-changing market, we pride ourselves on being a complete fire alarm system supplier. This means our customers can rely on us for their entire fire system requirements.
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  • license plate recognition system ALPR-100 offers an easy process for vehicle management by providing improved technology and detailed reporting feature. The system’s functions serve for different purposes depending on the area of application. The software of ALPR-100 provides quota feature for residences whereas for car parks, the user can benefit from it’s parking management, payment monitoring, reporting, and statistics features. The system is also capable of monitoring the capacity of the parking area, detecting vehicles without license plates and reading foreign license plates. ALPR-100 is also compatible with mobile devices.